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Ted's restaurant was first opened  by Theodore Mavrakos  and his wife Grace "Gram" Mavrakos  as one of Maine's first clam shacks in the spring of  1950.  The original shack is still on the property and is one of the areas favorite local attractions.  Especially for the old timers who remember going there many years ago.  Ted died in 1953.  Ted's son Harry took over from there.

In 1964 Harry built a new building, which measured 30 X 30 and consisted of three rooms.  The front service room, kitchen and prep room.  An outside picnic seating area was added.  Currently the three rooms are still part of the existing restaurant.

In 1976 Harry expanded adding a 100-seat dining room.  Harry's son John started working that spring as Ted's first bus boy, and has continuously worked there ever since. John purchased the business in 2001.  For the next several years the restaurant was fully updated inside and out, and the menu was continuously expanded.

In 2008 Ted's was expanded again, adding 50 more seats for a total of 150 inside and 50 outside.  Plus new larger, modern bathrooms were added.  In addition an ice cream house was also added to the north side of the building and the parking lot had a well-needed expansion from 55 to 100 parking spots.

With three generations and over 60 years of business experience, Ted's is well known for its great seafood, and its fast and friendly service.
That's Ted's history.  We look forward for the opportunity to make our many years to come part of yours.

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